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3 Wallpapers - Laptop/Tablet/Mobile - Volume 1 (FREE download)

Wisdom Quotes
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Get 3 beautiful wallpapers for your laptop, tablet, and mobile today!

Use them as daily reminders of what's truly important each day, for productivity and meaning.

I've been using those simple principles in the last few months for building and in my own life when the going gets tough. 

They are the perfect quick boosters!

Wallpaper #1

A quote by Naval Ravikant, "Three things in life - your health, your mission, and the people you love. That's it."

Wallpaper #2

"Keep it simple"

Wallpaper #3

"Keep going"

What you'll get

When you download your package, you get a total of 18 files which will enable you to choose between laptop, tablet, mobile, male and female models.

All images are high resolution and fit nicely on any of your devices.


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3 useful and beautiful wallpapers for meaning and productivity


3 Wallpapers - Laptop/Tablet/Mobile - Volume 1 (FREE download)

0 ratings
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